As Featured On EzineArticles.comSo what makes Japan’s Domestic Market (JDM) such a hot market for automobiles? People can get a larger selection and inexpensive deals on cars when they look at Japan’s local market for cars instead of purchasing imports at Japanese dealers in their own country. You are able to see a lot more options and can find precisely the make and model you want.

Used JDM cars can be a quite an attractive option for the car buyer looking to get quality at the right price. For many reasons, an 8 year old JDM used car is not the same used car you would come across in your own country. Japanese roads are not very difficult to drive at all. Good maintenance means the usual wear and tear of poor road conditions does not have the same impact on Japanese cars.

Most Japanese people make their homes in cities which are densely populated. Everything needed to live comfortably is within a short distance. Therefore the average annual mileage of domestic drivers is less than half the mileage compared to the drivers in other countries. The Japanese Motor Vehicle Inspection Registration Association calculates the annual mileage for domestic drivers to be about 9,000km. On the other hand, US drivers average about 19,000km annually.

With those things in mind, buying your car through the JDM is something that needs to be considered. But what’s it actually going to take? There are two options to consider in making your purchase. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. You can buy from a local Japanese dealer or at a Japanese car auction.

When you go through a local dealer you are actually buying a vehicle from an inventory of new cars for sale in the JDM. This way is good if you have found the vehicle of your dreams and want it fast. It also gives you knowledge of the total cost involved; including the dealer’s fee and all the additional expenses you come across when importing a car from Japan. This approach also allows you to get a very detailed report on the vehicle’s history and condition if it’s a used car you are purchasing. Besides, ordering directly from the car dealer is a comparatively easy thing as opposed to going through the auction’s ups and downs.

Nevertheless, a car auction is still a viable option. But, you can’t bid on a car directly so you have to find an agent who will do the bidding for you. In this case, the agent would be responsible for inspecting the vehicle and assessing its condition, as well as closely following your instructions. This method gives you more chances to save than when you buy a stock vehicle.

Buying a new or used car from Japan is a great way to get your dream car and save money at the same time. Although it may not be the quickest and convenient way to buy a car, most people will put in the extra effort to save a considerable amount of money.

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