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Cheat Your Engine Control Unit to Free Up to 20% Horsepower

To squeeze more horsepower from the ECU, I have to cheat the ECU to push the engine to a higher explosion, to get higher output. This trick works only with Fuel Injection car and not on old car with carburetor engine.

Welcome to the New Generation of Honda Engines

The King Motorsports / Mugen Civic Si made its debut at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) convention in Las Vegas. The car showed off its K20 DC5R engine which has a limited slip differential and a 6-speed transmission. The engine had been modified to produce 240hp. The K20 represents Honda’s next generation engine.

What Made the Introduction of the DOHC VTEC So Special

The 1990 Acura NSX marked the introduction of the VTEC DOHC to the United States. With an increase in engine performance and fuel mileage as well as a decrease in emissions, the DOHC VTEC was built into several Honda car models; including, the Honda Del Sol, the Acura Integra and the Honda Prelude.

Race Highway With Mugen RR

The Mugen RR was really a street race car but the steering a bit light, other than that, it is a race car champion. The V-Tec screamed all the way up to 9,200RPM. The engine was fully packed with torque!

Super High Performance Engine – Honda K20A

The K20 engine should not be judged by its power rating but for its brilliant technology that has been put into it. It has been specially put together so as to save on fuel making it economic, with ample of internal combustion force for twisting and turning easily.

2009 Baidu Ten Top Search Keywords for Cars

Ranking in order, here is the ten top search keywords for cars in China for the year 2009.

Universal Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System

This is a universal carbon fiber cold air intake. Can fit any type of car. This kits comes with: Hi-flow turbo Fan, Carbon Fiber cylinder with washable filter built-in, Flexible plastic tube, and all accessories that needed for installation.