Honda Euro-R On Highway Exit

Highway exit now? No way! When we saw a fleet of Porsche in front of us. Stepped up and changed gear, the race is on!

What is So Good About Buying Cars in the Japanese Domestic Market?

So what makes Japan’s Domestic Market (JDM) such a hot market for automobiles? People can get a larger selection and inexpensive deals on cars when they look at Japan’s local market for cars instead of purchasing imports at Japanese dealers in their own country. You are able to see a lot more options and can find precisely the make and model you want.

Welcome to JDMpitstop Live!

A new look for 2010. We have gone from beta to live now to serve you better. Last year we are fine tuning our website and finding how we can find a niche in the cyberspace. We are a bit behind schedule due to some technical challenges. So finally here we are, offering you the best in JDM modification information and soon to be the no. 1 JDM mod site.

JDMpitstop Maintenance Schedule: 18 Jan 2010

This site is under maintenance now. We are upgrading to serve you better. This site is not fully functional now. It should be ready by before later midnight (GMT+8).

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Are you an expert in JDM cars modification? Show off your skill here! Share your knowledge to impress us! Or you have some cool photos of your newly mod car, show off to us! Who’s know, you may get to know some cool chicks from here!

Welcome To JDM PitStop

Welcome to JDM PitStop, the forum that answers all your Japanese cars modification. We are new but we are going to be the best in Asia. To do that, we need the best of you to be our members. Register now and help us to be the best in Asia!